Bobby Brunk, lead stylist at Senses Salon, has had extensive training in   hair color techniques. He was taught color application, intricate highlight   weaving, and color correction             methods by such notables as the       founder of Big Sexy Hair Products, 


plus spent several years training with a superior stylist who had many years of experience. 

He has also been educated in both American and French hair cutting styles and is well qualified to cut both straight and curly hair on both men and women. His cuts are fashion forward with defined lines.

Bobby’s goal for all his clients (fans) is healthy hair.  That process begins with the use of a high quality, sulfate-free shampoo, a calming conditioner and blissful scalp massage.  For color clients, he utilizes the very best color on the market, which is oil based, containing the lowest ammonia ratio of any other color, deposits color into hair cuticle and actually conditions rather than causing damage. Along with the color mixture, another product is applied simultaneously which smooths and repairs, adds texture and closes hair cuticle from inside out resulting in shiny, healthy hair.

Because many new clients come in with severely damaged hair due to improper color application, he specializes in color correction.  He also corrects extreme damage done by Brazilian Blow-Outs, a process which is loaded with formaldehyde. He is able to work miracles with implementation of top-quality products and advanced cutting techniques.  After transformation is complete, the word describing these women is grateful!

Bobby is also trained and certified for Keratin processing, which smooths without straightening hair.  This is a treatment superior to silicone products which just coat top of hair presenting only an illusion of healthy.

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​​was on color application and complicated color weaving.  Long before her tenure with him was completed, their communication concerning color had gotten to the point where she could pretty much read his mind, requiring little in the way of mixing instructions.

For two more years, she assisted a female master stylist where a lot more hands-on abilities were cultivated.  Her shampooing techniques were perfected, cutting skills were honed.  She learned yet another style of complex color application and highlighting and was taught a lot about people skills. 

Then Jena was ready to take all she had garnered from both masters and develop her own unique style and techniques to draw clients who prefer cutting edge (pun intended) hair styles and color.  Ten years later, she has a loyal clientele base.  Her goal: To make people feel better about themselves.  She relates well to both her male and female clients as well as to their children.

Jena is an artistic and creative individual truly loving and finding joy in her chosen career.  She considers each head of hair a blank canvas upon which she can make her magic like painting a picture capturing a perfect look no matter their color choice. Her redheads love her! She enhances their color without ever creating an unnatural look.  She does such beautiful weaving on one of her blondes, the client always posts it on Face Book resulting in new clients for her stylist.

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and gathered additional training, both in the internationally acclaimed Redken and Wella Brands. 

After building a strong reputation in Boston, Glamo shifted his focus to extensions and color and moved to New York City. In the heart of Manhattan off Madison Avenue, Glamo specialized in extensions and color at a critically acclaimed salon and began working with celebrity clientele. Glamo's most recent work can be seen on HBOs True Blood series and The Real Housewives of New York.

Forever the perfectionist and always current, Glamo's experience in color corrections and extensions paired with years of experience, make him a perfect choice to correct or create any custom color while making every client that visits his chair feel confident and beautiful.

Contact Charley directly for an appointment at 646.498.5083 or

continuing education to stay at the forefront of her field. She has mastered many techniques and services including hair cutting, keratin treatments, and her favorite coloring. When performing a hair color service she really lets her talent shine. Amber uses primarily Redken and 

Kenra hair color. She loves styling as well and backs her styles with some of the best styling products on the market today. She is an Aquage educator and when you sit in her chair she will explain these products to you as she uses them so you will know how to replicate the style at home.

The clients are like family to Amber, she values their wants and needs. She takes the time to understand the clients lifestyle and the type of maintenance that is manageable for each individual. She loves seeing her clients faces light up after a service. Please call and book today she can't wait to meet you!

Contact Amber directly for an appointment 580.736.3232 or 


Jena McGuire, a treasured part of

Senses Salon’s hair styling team, did             not enroll in a traditional hair                         academy for her training.  Rather, at             the age of seventeen (still in braces),             she apprenticed with a male master               stylist for two years where the focus 

Amber Edie is very passionate about the hair and beauty industry. She has been licensed for 10 years and was a salon owner for 7 years. She has recently relocated to the OKC area and is looking forward to the new adventure and welcomes the challenge. She is always seeking 


problems, and achieve everyone's ultimate goal of more beautiful skin.  State-of-the-art equipment is also employed.

New clients are started with a European Facial which includes skin evaluation, steam during deep pore cleansing, gentle gommage exfoliation, antioxidant and peptide enrichment, aromatic cocooning, facial massage which includes release of sinus pressure points, and a special mask.

Several different types of skin treatments are offered including but not limited to Oxygen/Vitamin Infusion, Collagen Bonding with freeze-dried collagen from Switzerland, a wide variety of results specific masks and Provence Paris Peels which are non-irritating plus peeling is completed during the session. 

Prices vary according to

treatment selected,

ranging from $125 to

$160 - all sessions are

90 minutes. 

Contact Joyce directly for an appointment at 918.688.8663 or

Skin Care

Charley Glamo began his profession in the beauty industry over ten years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. After finishing extensive training, he accepted an offer from one of the leading premier salons on Newbury Street in Boston. There, he worked alongside top industry professionals 


the beauty and individuality of everyone she knew. She began her full time career in Tulsa in 2005 and is now located in Oklahoma City.

She is passionate about bringing her clients a look she calls "wearable rock star" and crafting looks that best suit the unique personalities of all her clients and friends. Her specialties are edgy men's cuts, custom color creations, and extensions for length and body. She is trained in Keune color, Tony & Guy cutting techniques, Kevin Murphy styling, and Hot Heads extensions.

Contact Devon directly for an appointment at 918.605.9514 or or book online at


Joyce Autrey's luxurious facials

are performed in a serene atmosphere

that promotes comfort and relaxation.

A large selection of high quality

professional skin care products are kept

on hand in order to choose according to

each client's skin type, address any

Shannon Beauvais is an accomplished           massage therapist with more than a             decade of experience. She has               perfected the techniques of Deep                 Tissue massage, Neuromuscular,                   Swedish, Pregnancy, Hot Stone                     Therapy, Full Stretching Techniques, 

Devon Henderson began her journey into the world of beauty at the age of 14 when she discovered her passion for special effects and special occasion makeup. That parlayed into a deep love for hair styling and bringing out 


Myofascial Trigger Point Release, Reflexology, Sinus Treatment, Side-Lying (for those who have trouble lying on their back or stomach), Myoskeletal Techniques, Cupping and Relaxation.

Shannon helps a full range of clients: from athletes to referrals from physicians for their patients who have inflammatory problems or skeletal issues. Those who need rehabilitation after injuries and accidents, people who seek to retain or gain flexibility as they age, and those people who just want to relax with massage.

(Rumor has it Shannon can

provide the best foot

massage in town.) Most of

Shannon's clients are

referrals. You should become

one of them.

Contact Shannon directly for an appointment at 405.919.3110.